Jonkershoek Mountain Fire

Sadly a serious fire has broken out on Jonkershoek mountain near Stellenbosch in South Africa. Below is a picture of the fire last night (26 Feb. 2021) Other mountain slopes are also burning Our thoughts are with everyone fighting the fire. May they keep safe.

More Pictures – Mountain Zebra National Park

The pictures of the Mountain Zebra Park near Cradock in the Eastern Cape in South Africa generated quite a bit of interest, Here are some more pictures taken by other friends recently. I will try and get more pictures that we took a while ago. The Park is a great place to visit. Question: Who have those four naughty junior zebras seen coming? See below.

Yet another stunning view
Waiting while mom has a nap
Four naughty members of the junior soccer team playing truant – who have they seen coming?
Watch out – It is the Secretary to the School Principal!

Mountain Zebra National Park

This wonderful National Park is near Cradock in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. These pictures were taken by good friends in the Park this week. Enjoy

.Six pictures. Why are the two buck on full alert? Scroll down for the answer!

Words cannot describe the view
Do you like my football jersey?
Why are they on full alert?
Here is the reason to be alert!
Keeping an eye on a possible drama!

Piano Chord Improvisation – Free Flowing

Do you enjoy playing chorded piano music? Here is a fun thing to do. Try free flowing improvising within a group of chords that go well together. Don’t make up a melody beforehand. Just play and enjoy. Let your hands just play automatically. Here is a fun example staying within C, G7, F, F7, Dm, E7 and Am. Give it a go! Also for fun with the classics, type CDI in the search box.

Chord Driven Improvisation: Csardas, Danse Hongroise (from “Coppelia) – Delibes

Please scroll down for recording

Allow the Masters to inspire your own improvisations.

May I suggest something for all you pianists who play chorded classical melodies. Try improvising within the chord sequences chosen by the great composers. Just let your hands go wherever they want to go. Do not have any preconception of a tune or melody. Just play. Of course there will be mistakes. Stick to the chords and more or less follow the sequence. The chords and the sequences will automatically create new melodies. Such is the inspiration of these wonderful composers. Here is a recording of me trying this with part of Csardas, Danse Hongroise (from “Coppelia) – Delibes. The chords include C, Am,G7, E, B7, Ddim, Fm, Bdim, Bb7, Dm improvisation is not perfect! How can it be! But wow it is fun. No two improvisations will be the same. Just try it with any chorded classical music. The great composers’ choice of chords and their sequence will blow your mind and leave you in awe of their genius. We can only thank them. I hope you find this interesting. Please share this post with other pianists.

To see other Chord Driven Improvisations, search for CDI in the top right of this post. Thank you.

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Who decides how you and I change every moment?

You and I don’t just exist. We are always deciding what our existence will be and what we will become the next moment. Why is this true for me and for you? Why is it true for all people? The reason is because we all have free will. As Victor Frankl wrote: “…every human being has the freedom to change at any instant.” The answer to the question? We each decide. No buck passing!

Based on the writing of Victor Frankl

In Conversation with Kiera – A Poem

I am Kiera. I love the woods. Especially enchanted woods. I have some questions for you. Who am I? What am I? What am I to you? Am I closer to you than you can ever imagine? In the stillness of an enchanted wood I heard you answer me. I have recorded our sacred conversation in a poem. Here it is. Please step softly on my dreams.


Who or what am I?
A star in the sky?
Or think perhaps I could
Be a nymph in the wood?
A fish that swims maybe?
Delighting in the sea …..
A bird that flies the air?
A pig, cat, horse or bear?
I’m none of these
So help me please ………
“You are LOVE in motion and give devotion
You feed my soul and make me whole
A DOG so wise
In disguise …..
My Brightest Star
That’s who you are!”.

(Kiera lives with her devoted companion Anna in East Sussex, England. Anna also loves and writes poetry.)

Beauty Beyond Words – The Magic of England’s Winter Wonderland February 2021

Picture by Anna – East Sussex, England

East Sussex Snow and Ice – A report by Kiera

I am Kiera from East Sussex in England. What a winter it has been! Plenty of snow and lots of ice. Everyone is talking about the cold weather. Below is a picture of me talking to a donkey friend who told me about a nearby frozen pond on which geese were skating. I could hardly believe it so I went to the pond to see for myself. It was true. Look at the picture I took of the geese on the ice. I am including a gallery of some snow and ice scenes near where I live. Amazing. Keep warm. My dear friend Anna helped me with the pictures. Please scroll down.

Lock Down Pumpkin And Potato Rossties

Here is how to make this delicious lock down meal. Thanks to two great lock down cooks in freezing London, February 2021.

Scroll down. Very short videos and pictures. Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water!