The Cockatiels’ Message from Manly, Sydney, Australia.

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The message of the Manly Cockatiels John Bartels

They dive. They shriek. They call.

They are the Corsa cockatiels.

Their call is urgent.

Do the crowds on the Corsa hear them?

The young surfer heading beachward.

People walking dogs.

Young mothers pushing prams. Sharing coffee.

Young men walking quickly as they WhatsApp.

All are surfing the ever-living wave of life.

The call of the cockatiels grows louder – more urgent.


He sees his beloved Manly as his ship passes the Heads.

Already he is missing his last walk with her to Shelly Beach.

The waves gently approaching the rocks and then bursting with joy.

He remembers:

How soft she was when he held her.

Her gentle hands.

The intoxicating scent in her hair.

How they spoke of children. How thy spoke of what dog they would get.

How he promised he would come back.

How they tightly embraced.

How they kissed goodbye

How they both cried.


The Heads are far behind now. The ship goes on. out to sea. And on and on.

He thinks of her constantly.

He crosses the endless Southern Ocean.

Then its beauty of Cape Town.

Then it’s the Atlantic.

Then its London.

Then finally, Flanders.


The call of the cockatiels grows more urgent now.

Diving, shrieking, and calling they swirl around the Corsa Cenotaph.

Their call grows strangely quiet as an elderly woman gently places flowers at the base of the Cenotaph.

Carefully she sprays the flowers with scent. She waits a while. She leaves and slowly walks away. She is going to Shelly Beach.

The cockatiels watch her go and then start again their diving and shrieking.

Their message is clear to all on the Corsa and beyond :

“Never forget”


Scenic World – Blue Mountains – Sydney – Australia

Just a few hours from Sydney. Canyons. Water falls. Sturdy wooden walkways in luxurious forests. Plenty of information notices. A Skyway ride over a massive gorge. Cable way ride. A ride up and down the steepest reticular railway in the world (52°). A large shop and restaurant with a viewing platform hanging over the void. Very cold when we went in June but this did not detract one bit from an exhilarating experience. Enjoy the 12 pictures. (Pictures P,J, L and M Bartels). Please scroll down.

High in the sky in Scenic Skyway
The Scenic Skyway
Top of the Scenic Reticular Railway.
Reticular railway 52 °
Scenic Cableway
Scenic Cableway
Scenic Walkway – One of many
Scenic Walkway
Viewing Platform
Just part of a very large shop
Where is Scenic World?

Queen Victoria Building Shopping Mall in Sydney – Scroll down for slideshow.

The QVB is a magnificent shopping mall in Sydney, Australia. It is several stories high. There are just under 190 shops/ boutiques all luxuriously appointed. There are many places to eat. A huge clock hangs in the mall. A separate blog is coming about this amazing clock. Here are some pictures taken in the QBD. Don’t miss it if you go to Sydney. I assure you: Seeing is believing. Enjoy.

Manly to Sydney Aquarium May 2022. See the video below the penguin.

Photograph; John Bartels

Join us on a visit to Sydney’s wonderful Aquarium. Watch the video see pictures of beautiful fish. There is an underwater glass tunnel. We literally walked among the sharks. We also went on a virtual reality dive with sharks. Amazing.

When visiting Sydney, a visit to the Aquarium is a must. It is in Barangaroo, a short ferry ride from Circular Quay. I hope you enjoy the video.

Early Evening Ferry Manley Australia

Picture plus Video below.

Photo from MB in Manley Australia Thank You

Watch the video below and listen to wild life chorus! Sound up please.

Thanks to MB in Manley for the video with sound.