Rev. Hazel Goodfellow – Some Sermons

The Rev. Hazel Goodfellow has been helping out at St.Cuthberts Anglican Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Here are some of her sermons (read by me with her kind permission). I am confident you will be blessed by listening to and thinking about the sermons. I chose the titles for the sermons.

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“Lost your way in life?” John 14:1-14 Sunday 7 May 2023 – Click

“Sermon on Prayer and Jesus’ Purpose” Sunday 21 May 2023 – Click

To God be the Glory.

Sermon on prayer and Jesus’ purpose

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On Sunday, May 21st. 2023 the Reverend Hazel Goodfellow preached at St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church in Port Elizabeth. The sermon was based on John 17. The sermon was insightful and challenging. So, I asked the Rev. Hazel if I could put the sermon on my blog and she graciously agreed. I shall read the passage from the Gospel and I shall also read the sermon notes verbatim that the Rev. Hazel kindly gave me.  

I trust that all who listen to this blog will be blessed and encouraged. Thank you Rev. Hazel. To God b the glory.

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Knowing and Believing Part 2

A second meaning of “believe”.

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Life after death? Believe or Know? Part 1

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Part 2 will deal with two meanings of the word “believe”.

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In Anxious times: Comfortable Words from the Lord.

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Session 4 of 6 God’s Love and Protection as we travel towards Heaven

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The Queen’s Passing. A Reflection and a Prayer. ✝️

Our Saviour Jesus Christ

May the following Reflection and Prayer by the Revd Canon Graham Thompson, President of the Methodist Conference, 2022-2023, and published on the internet, be a channel of God’s Grace to all who read it. To God be the glory. ✝️

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The Reflection

“…More than anything, I was (and am still) moved by the playing of a lament on the bagpipes at the end of the service. It confirmed that the Queen has left us. Also that, one day, we will do the same, for not even those of royal estate can escape an earthly death. But, like the Queen, we are invited to receive the gift of eternal life if we will put our trust in Jesus our Saviour. This is what our sister Elizabeth did. We should do the same.”

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The Prayer

“Loving God, we thank you for the life, faith and example of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We thank you that she put her faith in you through Jesus who lived, died and rose again for love of us all. As we remember and give thanks, grant each of us the gift of faith that we too might know the joy of resurrection hope. We ask this in Name of Jesus our Saviour. Amen.”

This reflection and prayer was written by the Revd Canon Graham Thompson. The reflection in this post is part of a longer reflection. We are deeply indebted to the Revd Thompson for his inspiring message.

Quotations printed with the permission of the Revd Canon Graham Thompson. Thank you.

✝️ To God be the glory.

Theology: A Very Sensible Box

Do we trust God and at the same time have many unanswered questions about Him and how He works? Leslie Weatherhead offers us some very sensible advice: Leave those questions in a box marked: “Awaiting Further Light.”

Sensible advice indeed, for “now we see through a glass darkly….” (1 Cor. 13,12)

The late Leslie D Weatherhead C.B.E. M. A. PhD. D. Litt. D. D. was Minister at the City Temple, London. He was President of the Methodist Conference and Hon. Chaplain to Her late Majesty’s Forces .He is the author of many books including “The Christian Agnostic”, where the above advise is recorded.