Franz Schubert’s Serenade – Chord Improvisation

One of the most beautiful melodies ever composed. Thank you Schubert.

Please note: There is a short pause before the music starts.

Improvisation created and played by John Bartels 26 January 2021 during lock down

The shepherd’s warning about a red sky in the morning

Shepherd wisdom: A red sky in the morning is a shepherd’s warning: A red sky at night is a shepherd’s delight.

The red sky warning came true in London today, 24 January 2021. Look at the two pictures taken in London this morning: A red dawn followed by snow a few hours later!

Video London dawn 24 Jan 2021

Turn the volume up and hear the birds. Video by my daughter in London.

London birds welcome the dawn

In the darkness before dawn

In the darkness before dawn

The birds begin to sing

With you by my side I can hear


In the middle of the winter

Comes promise of the spring

With you by my side I can fly


In the depths of my blackness

I see the birth of day

With you by my side I can fly

John Bartels – Words and music Feb. 1999. Posted on 23 Jan. 2021 in the sure and certain hope that Covid will be defeated

Etude Improvisation Using Chords

Thank you Chopin for a wonderful melody. It is a huge privilege playing the melody using chords. Thank you for listening.

John – January 2021 during Covid lock-down.