“Naughty, naughty, go and stand on the Chiddingstone!” What!

Read about the stone below the picture.

The Chiddingstone is in the village of Chiddingstone in Kent, England. My friend Anna told me one of the legends about the Chiddingstone.

“This is the Chiddingstone itself. So named because naughty ones had to stand on it and be “chided” by the other people of the village! “

Perhaps this is where the word “chide”comes from?

The picture is of Anna and her dear companion Kiera.

Read Kiera’s amazing story here – Over 100 views

A Memory Bench at Schoonmakers Kop near Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Beautiful areas have memory benches. A memory bench has a plaque on it. The plaque has a name on it – the name of a person who loved and appreciated the area. It is a fine way to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed on.

An Autumn Evening in Port Elizabeth

Two good friends enjoying a walk together at the end of the day. Picture by Mariska Spoormaker taken on the Port Elizabeth Golf Course. On a phone? Please click on picture to see full picture.

Photo: Thank you to Mariska Spoormaker

Skaneateles – A must for your bucket list

Skeneateles is a beautiful town in Onondaga, County New York., USA. It is next to the Skaneateles Lake which in the Iroquios language means “Long Lake”. One of the beautiful places there is a Church beside the lake. We attended an outdoor Communion Service there. Here is why Skeneateles is a must for your bucket list! Four pictures.

Church Service

The Change of Seasons In Baltimore – Fly Fishing

Late March fly fishing in the Gunpowder river near Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Spring is slowly showing herself. And yet, snow is expected. The change of seasons is full of surprises!

A message of hope from the Canopy: Learn from the changing seasons

The forest has spoken. This weekend, this leaf, dressed in gentle shades of autumn, drifted down from the forest canopy in the Island Nature Reserve near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The leaf’s message was clear: “Autumn is here. Winter for all of us is not far off. But remember. After the winter will come the spring and then the warmth of another summer. Learn from me, a humble leaf. Learn the lesson of the seasons. The winter of this Covid will pass too. Have faith in the passage of time. Rest assured. A new day is coming for us all.”

See picture below.

Picture: Mariska Spoormaker. Thank you.