Two Trees Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens June 2022

First is the notice followed by pictures of the tree. Scroll down to the end please. Thank you.

Moreton Bay Fig – Fiscus macrophyllla

Listen to birds around this magnificent tree!

Queensland Bottle Tree – Brachychiton rupestris

Scenic World – Blue Mountains – Sydney – Australia

Just a few hours from Sydney. Canyons. Water falls. Sturdy wooden walkways in luxurious forests. Plenty of information notices. A Skyway ride over a massive gorge. Cable way ride. A ride up and down the steepest reticular railway in the world (52°). A large shop and restaurant with a viewing platform hanging over the void. Very cold when we went in June but this did not detract one bit from an exhilarating experience. Enjoy the 12 pictures. (Pictures P,J, L and M Bartels). Please scroll down.

High in the sky in Scenic Skyway
The Scenic Skyway
Top of the Scenic Reticular Railway.
Reticular railway 52 °
Scenic Cableway
Scenic Cableway
Scenic Walkway – One of many
Scenic Walkway
Viewing Platform
Just part of a very large shop
Where is Scenic World?

The Sydney Tower Visit 9 June 2022

Wow! Second highest building on Southern Hemisphere Exciting lift to the top. 360 degree views. 309 meters high. See Sydney like an eagle sees Sydney. A virtual reality roller coaster ride. At the tip. An awesome experience. Enjoy the pictures.

Magic Manly Moonlight

Manly is a suburb of Sydney in Australia. Please scroll down for two pictures. It is easy to see why Manly is such a highly sought after place in Sydney to live in.

Walk from Manly Beach to Fairlight

A great walk. Tarred walkways. Paradise for joggers and dog walkers. Views of the Heads and ferries at Manly Wharf. A secluded beach. Skin diving. A swimming pool constantly being filled by splashing sea water. Please scroll down for some pictures. June 2022.

Immaculate walkways
Two crews rowing
A bench that has heard millions of confidences
Looking towards Manly Wharf
Fairlight beach
The Fairlight sea water pool

The Big Manly to Sydney Ferry

The big ferry joins the team of smaller ferries on the weekend.

Below is a picture of the big ferry.

Photo John Bartels 4 June 2022

Visiting Sydney’s famous Royal Botanical Gardens – scroll down to see pictures.

We visited the Gardens a few days ago. Spent about an hour there. It immediately became obvious that the Gardens offer visitors a lifetime of joy. The joy of learning about the countless labelled trees and flowers The joy of just looking at the beauty. The lush green lawns. The ever present bird life. And all this a stone’s throw from the equally famous Sydney Opera House. Here are some pictures. Believe me, pictures are fun but are no substitute for a personal visit. go there! Enjoy.

View from the Gardens.
A cockatiel says: “Welcome!
Cockatiel AGM
The Opera House
One of many lawns
A bench with a wonderful view
A mighty fig tree
Peeping through the railings at the New South Wales Governor’s House
The Governor’s lawns
Giant bees
Bird sipping running water
A mighty bee!
A glimpse of the City
The well cared for beautiful Gardens reflect the Community’s respect for this great Australian heritage