The Forest is Mourning – Kiera’s Tribute to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll

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Kiera in a forest glade From time immemorial forest glades have been revered as spiritual, sacred places. Places of healing and refuge. The quiet picture of Kiera was taken close to the time of Her Majesty’s passing. Hence the somber poem gifted to us by Kiera. But the poem is underpinned with hope and joy, the same hope Kiera’s wishes for us as she approaches “the Bar”.


The Forest is mourning

For our late Queen

Strange shadows pass

And yet not unseen

Trees hang their boughs

As their leaves weep

Everywhere silent

All seems asleep.

Arise our Dear Monarch

Rise to your glory

As we remember

This special story…

Honoured to live

In the time of your reign

And likes of yourself

We’ll not see again…

Please rest in peace

Now with THE ONE

And thank you dear Ma’am

For all you have done.

Honouring Her Majesty at St. Matthews Wimbledon 18 September 2022

My she rest in peace and ride in glory – Amen

Four photos.

Hacker-Craft Antique Classic Wooden Boats

Today we visited the Hacker-Craft facility in Lake George , USA. Classic and antique wooden power boats are built and restored there. These magnificent boats are living proof that superb workmanship in wood is alive and well at Lake George. Take a look at these four pictures. Listen to the video! They cost around $1 million! Enjoy.

Just listen to her roar! See and listen to the video below. Please turn up the volume!