God’s omniscience, quantum physics and Isaiah 55:8-9

If God knows the future how can i have free will?

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Heaven – Session 6 of Bible Study on the Journey to Heaven – St. Cuthbert’s Port Elizabeth

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In Anxious times: Comfortable Words from the Lord.

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Session 4 of 6 God’s Love and Protection as we travel towards Heaven

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Sad News: Dear Kiera passed on at 5am today – See her last poem below

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RIP Kiera Cariad (Hera)

26.5.2012 Romania – 28.2.2023 England


I sense the touch of cosmic wings

And hear these words, an angel sings…

“We are calling,

Calling you home “….

I am falling, falling

But not alone.

An Angel waits now by my side

Smiling too, she is my guide

I seem to awaken

Then gently taken….

Then up and away we fly

Passed the stars

Beyond the sky

Round the moon

Then through the sun

And there I see

The Holy One..

Arms outstretched

Greeting me………

But I’m a dog

This can’t be?

I had to gasp

I was surprised….







……Gently, drifting bathed in light

……Warm and cosy so ‘Good Night’.


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The Forest is Mourning – Kiera’s Tribute to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll

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Kiera in a forest glade From time immemorial forest glades have been revered as spiritual, sacred places. Places of healing and refuge. The quiet picture of Kiera was taken close to the time of Her Majesty’s passing. Hence the somber poem gifted to us by Kiera. But the poem is underpinned with hope and joy, the same hope Kiera’s wishes for us as she approaches “the Bar”.


The Forest is mourning

For our late Queen

Strange shadows pass

And yet not unseen

Trees hang their boughs

As their leaves weep

Everywhere silent

All seems asleep.

Arise our Dear Monarch

Rise to your glory

As we remember

This special story…

Honoured to live

In the time of your reign

And likes of yourself

We’ll not see again…

Please rest in peace

Now with THE ONE

And thank you dear Ma’am

For all you have done.

The Window: Have you seen it?

“The shortest essay in the recently rereleased collection, Confessions of a Heretic, is entitled “Effing the Ineffable.” In it, the late Roger Scruton speaks of the brief and indescribable glimpses we human beings are sometimes afforded of a world of meaning that seems to exist on a plane just outside of our reach. In these moments arising from contemplation or from the experience of great beauty, we sense that the deep mysteries of existence are somehow brought before our eyes, but they still defy our attempt at understanding. “When they occur it is as though, on the winding ill-lit stairway of our life, we suddenly come across a window, through which we catch sight of another and brighter world—a world to which we belong but which we cannot enter.””

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Beloved Kiera is unwell -A Special Edition Blog – Two Poems

Note: Kiera is unwell at present having suffered a stroke. She is safe in the loving hands of Anna and Rosanne. Below are two poems by Kiera sent to me by Anna. In the first poem Kiera laments the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll and at the same time pays homage to her late Majesty’s great love of animals. In the second poem, communicated a few days ago to Anna, Kiera bravely faces her own mortality and encourages us to believe that love goes on for ever.

A Tribute to Her Late Majesty

A tribute to our dear late Queen Elizabeth

By Kiera

Our Queen has died

This makes me sad…

If I’d known her

I would have had

Such gentle strokes

For she was kind

Such love from her

I would find

A Royal kiss

She would place

Right upon

My furry face

I think on me

She would dote

Her gentle hand

Would stroke my coat

Of all this

I am sure

She was Queen

Her word was law..

She loved us all

This I know

It’s sad to learn

She had to go..

It’s the end

Of her reign

I’m just a dog

But feel the pain

I need to say

One more thing,

Welcome Charles

Our new King!!

Kiera – A Reflection

“Go free”, I heard

“It’s your choice”

But the sound of your voice

Awakened me….

I had one paw on Rainbow Bridge,

Then two…

But I turned

And looked at you….

Your moistened eyes

And soft goodbyes

So touched my heart

I could not part

Not this night…..

The yonder light

Began to fade

And so I stayed….

Such love and healing

Has left me feeling

Renewed in strength

Until at length

I had no pain

And breathed again.

But love is constant, has no end

Remember this, my dear Friend…

My time will come and when it does

It will be right for both of us.

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