More Succulent Beauty

These beautiful succulents are in a friends’ garden in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Enjoy. There are three pictures. Please scroll down. Thank you.

Gorgeous fields of flowers in North Devon, England today.

What wonderful scenes in North Devon today. Very special. Thanks to my son in-law for the beautiful pictures.

Two pictures. Please scroll down.

Beautiful Flowers – Royal National Park Sydney

Beautiful flowers beyond description photographed by our friend in the Royal National Park in Sydney. Amazing colors. And look at the environmentally friendly coastal walkway. What a wonderful place. And yes, that is a spider web.

Please scroll down. There are 8 pictures.

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The spider web

Thanks again to our Australian friend for the pictures

A Flower resting in Sparkling Light

How thankful we should be for the gift of the ability to receive joy from a single flower

Praise the Lord

Turning Sea Shells into Flowers

A beautiful flowers arrangement made with sea shells and a dab of green paint. This stunning work of art was created by my good friend’s late mother. It shows what is possible when the beauty of nature meets wonderful creative talent.

Welcome to my garden in Port Elizabeth

Hi. I am Frederick the Meerkat.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful garden. I hope you enjoy them. The pictures were taken in the late afternoon sunlight. This garden is where friends of John live.

Please scroll down. There are 10 pictures.

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Thanks for coming to the site.

RHS Garden Wisley (Part 1)

The RHS Garden Wisley in Surry, England is one of the World’s Great Gardens. In the gardens is a vast glasshouse with three climatic zones. The glasshouse is home to a breath takingly beautiful collection of orchids.

Our good friends in England took us to the gardens last year.

Here are some pictures I took during that inspiring visit.

I don’t know the names of the orchids but perhaps words cannot do justice to their beauty!

Please enjoy the wonder of God’s creation.

Please scroll down. There are 6 pictures

Thank you for coming to this site.

More beautiful plants and trees from the land of the Kookaburra, Swamp Hen and Pelican (Part 3)

Please scroll down there are 5 pictures


The warmth of the Fire Tree


A Bird’s Nest Fern


Now this is what you call a great Fern!


Look at this magnificent tree


Its bark is brim-full with character and wisdom

Thanks again to our Australian friends for the pictures.

Beautiful flowers from the land of the Kookaburra (Part 1)

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Australia is not only the land of the kookaburra. It also has magnificent scenery. There are also many beautiful flowers.

Today my wife and her Australian friend were chatting about this and that and they got onto the subject of the flowers in her Australian garden. We asked her to send some pictures, which she did with some comments.

Here are some of the pictures with comments.

Please scroll down – there are 4 pictures below’

(Did I hear the kookaburra say “The flowers in this garden are fair dinkum”?)



“A hedge of azaleas at our front door”



Xmas cactus



“Bromeliads…not unlike the stag horn ….”



“That show off kookaburra got in first to introduce the pictures of the flowers. We were busy waiting for fisherman to clean their catch. Our turn, next time.”

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