Flowers – Some Wonderful Flowers from around the World

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  • The West Coast of South Africa
  • North Devon – England
  • Surry – England
  • Sydney – Australia

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From South Africa

Just Four Beautiful Reasons to Love Manly in Sydney, Australia- October 2021

Please scroll down. There are 4 pictures. Thank you to LB and MB for the photos.

Look at the rainbow!
A beautiful strelitzia enjoying the view.
What a place to stroll!

Italy? No! Its Manly!

Wild Life with some West Coast Flowers

If you enjoy wild life scroll down to the bottom right of the post. You will find a CATEGORIES search box. Click the down arrow scroll down to wild life. Click on it. Many posts on wildlife will come up. I hope you will enjoy them. John

I am watching you!

RHS Garden Wisley – One of the World’s Great Gardens

This is a repeat post in honour of the wonderful flowers at Wisley.

The RHS Garden Wisley in Surry, England is one of the World’s Great Gardens. In the gardens is a vast glasshouse with three climatic zones. The glasshouse is home to a breath takingly beautiful collection of orchids.

Our good friends in England took us to the gardens last year.

Here are some pictures I took during that inspiring visit.

I don’t know the names of the orchids but perhaps words cannot do justice to their beauty!

Please enjoy the wonder of God’s creation.

Please scroll down. There are 6 pictures

Thank you for coming to this site.

Flowers in the West Coast National Park, Langebaan, South Africa – August 2021

The flowers on the West Coast. What a gift from our Wonderful Creator! As Heilie wrote: “We experienced God’s paint brush in all its colours.”

To God be the glory”

Pictures from Heilie. Published with her permission. Thank you.

Nine pictures. Please scroll down.

Thanks again to Heilie

More Stars from the Kruger National Park, South Africa – August 2021

Our friends continue to send us pictures from Kruger, where they are visiting at the moment. The opening star is the Impala Lily. Isn’t that colour splendid? Next follow 7 pictures of animal stars. Who says you don’t see lions close up?

Please scroll down. Thank you T&D for the pictures.

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Impala Lily in the Kruger Park
“Did you hear that noise?”
“I am surprised you saw me!”
Casanova showing off!
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Stick together everyone! Water holes can be dangerous.
Kruger beauty!
Bath time
Where is the “DISTURB AT YOUR PERIL” sign?

Mozart and Connie’s Cottages

There is an exquisite garden in Montagu in the Western Cape of South Africa. The garden is part of Connie’s Cottages which are self catering. The garden is much more extensive than shown in the one picture below. The beautifully planned garden reminded me of the theme from Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Recently we stayed at the Cottages. When we returned home I played the clip below as a small thank you to the owner Connie, for a really happy visit. And. Thank you Connie for allowing me to play your precious piano.

This post was not solicited. It is a genuine thank you