The Tastiest Pie in the World?

Where? Australia. Sydney. Queen Victoria Building. Enter through the George Street entrance. Ground floor. When you recover from the spectacularly beautiful interior, turn left. Walk about 40m. In the centre of the mall is the “Royal Bakery” with tables and chairs. I (John) chose a Steak and Mushroom pie. The pie is full of tender steak, mushrooms and delicious gravy. WARNING: Take care when you cut into the pie or take your first bite! Suddenly out will flow plenty of gravy. And the pastry? Wait until you taste it! Is it the tastiest pie in the world? Most probably! But decide for yourself! See 3 PICTURES below. June 2022.

Waiting to order the pie
The menu

The pies

To get there? The Queen Victoria Building (the “QVB”is a few minutes by tram from Circular Quay. Don’t forget to tap on and tap off with your Opal Card. Enjoy.

Roast lamb on a portable gas Cobb

Here is how:

  • Use a portable gas Cobb.
  • Roast the deboned lamb on the Cobb in an oven bag for a short while.
  • Remove the partially roasted lamb.
  • Pour red wine into the moat of the Cobb
  • Place the lamb on the Cobb and complete the roasting.
  • Carve
  • Enjoy

Here are some pictures including a video that tell the story. The video is below.

Roasting with lid on Cobb

Lock Down Pumpkin And Potato Rossties

Here is how to make this delicious lock down meal. Thanks to two great lock down cooks in freezing London, February 2021.

Scroll down. Very short videos and pictures. Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water!

Sandwich Toaster Cleaning Tip

This really works. Tear off two sheets of kitchen paper toweling. Fold it double. Saturate it with water. As soon as you take the toasted sandwich out of the snackwich maker, put in the saturated towel. Shut the lid. There will be all sorts of hissing and steaming noises. A short while later when you remove the paper, it will leave the snackwich maker very clean/


Toasted Cheese Sandwich Tip

The secret is to start with toast. Toast two pieces of bread. Cover 100% of one side of both pieces of toast with butter. Cover the unbuttered side of one piece of toast with plenty of chutney. On top of the chutney put a generous amount of grated cheese. Place the other piece of toast, unbuttered side down, on top of the cheese. The sandwich is ready to go into the hot sandwich toaster. Remember, the butter is on the outside – top and bottom. Toast the sandwich and enjoy.

Why does it taste so good? If you like fried bread I don’t have to tell you why!


Patricia’s Mouth Watering Crisp, Crunchy “Roast” Potatoes

On your phone? Scroll down. There are 3 photos. Thanks.

Here is how my wife made crisp, crunchy “roast” potatoes for our 2021 New Year’s Day roast lamb lunch.

First she peeled some potatoes, cut them in half and par boiled them in salt water (Don’t let them get too soft). Next she poured the potatoes into a colander and let them stand for a few minutes. Then, she lightly scuffed the potatoes with a fork so that they were not too smooth and sprinkled coarse sea salt over the potatoes. (Scuffing the potatoes makes them come out really crisp and crunchy!). Finally, she fried the potatoes in a pan. She used Canola oil. Quite deep.

Look at the results. No need to say more!