Change How and What You Read – Forever

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“…life is too short for reading poor books” – Rolf Dobelli (Swiss author and thinker).

Click here to see why Dobelli says this and what advice he has to offer. It may change your reading habits forever.

The Painted Ladies of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Photo credit: Mariska Spoormaker

The Painted Ladies of Richmond Hill in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. These beautiful Victorian ladies were born in 1897. Gorgeous San Francisco has a rival!

The History of the world in 4 min 47 secs. An Amazing BBC video

Click here to see the video. Be ready to be amazed at the skill of the presenter and the super clever animation.


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A Loving and Caring German Shepherd

Whenever I sneeze, Indy our German Shepherd climbs into my lap. This happened this afternoon. I took this picture. Such loving concern! What a devoted friend! Indy has been with us for nine precious years.

Bird Migration tonight in the United States. Lord of all creation we salute You.

4.1 million birds are forecast to pass over Maryland tonight! 14 September 2020. Link.

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To God be the Glory

What keeps a train on the tracks going round a bend?

Do you think it is the flanges on the wheels? Sorry, not right! Ok, it must be a differential. Sorry, not right again! But there must be a differential because the outside wheel travels further going round the bend. Sorry, there is no differential! What’s more the axle between the two wheels is solid. So what is going on?

Let the late Richard Feynman explain. Among the many awards he received he won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965. Feynman’s ability to explain something is amazing. Click here. Enjoy. Also click here for another explanation.