The Caterpillar – let’s Salute it’s Maker

How beautifully made is the caterpillar! Prof. Google tells me there are around 4000 muscles in a caterpillar. The Creator of the caterpillar must be really smart! And us humans? Prof G says we have only about 650 muscles. Click here. To God be the glory.

Picture John Bartels Port Elizabeth May 7, 2022

Flying Birds in Baltimore (USA) and Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

At the airport in Baltimore in the USA there are beautiful statues of birds flying in formation. In Port Elizabeth in the Walmer Park Shopping Mall, next to the main lift, there are similar displays of flying birds. Also beautiful.

Flying birds display, Walmer Park Shopping Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. April 30, 2022.

John Bartels

Kiera with the Bluebells this English Spring

This is Kiera She is from Romania and now lives in England. Click on the picture below to see a short slideshow of Kiera on “The Bluebell Trail” in East Sussex. Kiera’s soulmate Anna is with her. After the slideshow read Kiera’s story here and see why her story is the most watched post on this blog. Please make sure you scroll all the way down to see two links. Thank you.

The Slide show

Click here for Kiera’s Prayer for Ukraine

Click here for Kiera and “The Road Less Travelled

Click here for Kiera’s Story.

Thank you again, Anna.

John Bartels

Sentry Duty in Manley Australia

On guard! Two vigilant sentries on full alert! Almost May 2022.

Thanks to LB in Manley for the photo

Night Falls on the 8th hole – Port Elizabeth Golf Course-South Africa

Which club shall I hit? The green is far left. Watch the water!

A 20-Acre Lake in the most visited Park in the USA – 42 million visitors in 2016! Where is it?

According to Wikipedia 42 million people visited the Park in 2016 and it is one of the most photographed places in the world. This picture was taken while boating on the lake. Look at the tranquil reflections of the sky scrapers in the calm water. The tall buildings are stretching up to touch magnificent clouds.

Where is the Park? The answer is below the picture. Please scroll down.

Thank you to my grandson MB for the beautiful picture.

Answer: New York Central Park

Peace at dawn outside London. March 2022. May such peace return to the Ukraine.

A picture that would warm Turner’s heart. Best on desktop.

Thank you to my son SB for the sensitive picture that would warm Turner’s heart.

Karoo Locust Swarm Flypast 11 March 2022 – Two Pictures and video – please scroll down

Today our friends were in the Karoo National Park in South Africa where they witnessed the fly past of an enormous swarm of locusts. The fly past lasted about 2 hours, plus about another hour “for the stragglers to leave….” The swarm was so large that our friend DT wrote in her WhatsApp : “Yes it is amazing we can hardly see the mountains … it looks like a sand storm in the distance.” Thank you DT for the pictures and video (which I enlarged).

Scroll down please: There are two pictures and then the video followed by a quiz question about the size of locust swarms.

Thousands of dots in the sky
The swarm close up – a bit like the milky way!
Video – It took about 3 hours for the swarm to fully pass!

Quiz: How big was one of the biggest swarm of locusts ever?

Answer on page 2