Wild Life Quiz: World’s Strongest Animal?

Compared by body weight, what is the world’s strongest animal?

Is it

  • The elephant?
  • The rhino?
  • The lion?
  • The gorilla?
  • The grizzly bear?
  • The Tasmanian devil? or
  • Some other animal?

Get ready for a shock. I saw the world’s strongest animal (compared by body weight) in a game park near Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a few weeks ago. I even took a picture.

Turn to page 2 for the answer and my picture.


Flowers – Some Wonderful Flowers from around the World

Click on the link below and see posts with inspiring pictures of flowers from:

  • The West Coast of South Africa
  • North Devon – England
  • Surry – England
  • Sydney – Australia

Click here

From South Africa

Just Four Beautiful Reasons to Love Manly in Sydney, Australia- October 2021

Please scroll down. There are 4 pictures. Thank you to LB and MB for the photos.

Look at the rainbow!
A beautiful strelitzia enjoying the view.
What a place to stroll!

Italy? No! Its Manly!

Memories of Bulawayo and the Falls

Visiting the Victoria Falls

Photo by Jonny Lew on Pexels.com


On strip roads. Bulawayo to Wankie. On “the Falls Road” Mom driving. My great uncle from New Zealand with us. Half way house. Dusty. The car not going well near Wankie as we pass a notice warning about elephants. Exciting. Arriving in Wankie. The car needs fixing. Staying at the hotel in Wankie and waiting for a part to come for the car. Car fixed. On to the Falls. Seeing the spray from the falls – “the smoke that thunders”. Trying unsuccessfully to catch a tiger fish from the bank in the Zambezi just above the falls. Rod way too small. Then, back on the strips. Going home. But first have to cross an angry swollen river using a low bridge with no side rails. Mom will not drive over the bridge. She asks a chap who turned up in a truck, to drive our car across. He does. Home at last. What an African adventure for a nine year old.

Yesterday- A Gorgeous Mauritius Beach – 7 October 2021

Yesterday, my son from England, took this video of a gorgeous beach in Mauritius. Covid is slowly losing its grip. Enjoy the view. Please turn up the sound and hear the waves.

The Kouga Dam Near Port Elizabeth Nearly Empty – 1 October 2021

Note the stain on the rocks when the dam is full. We desperately need rain.

A Magnificent Elephant and Locked Horns – Addo – Port Elizabeth – South Africa – 4 October2021

The Boss

Duelling Hartebeest