Why do icebergs float?

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Icebergs float because ice is less dense than liquid water.

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Karoo Locust Swarm Flypast 11 March 2022 – Two Pictures and video – please scroll down

Today our friends were in the Karoo National Park in South Africa where they witnessed the fly past of an enormous swarm of locusts. The fly past lasted about 2 hours, plus about another hour “for the stragglers to leave….” The swarm was so large that our friend DT wrote in her WhatsApp : “Yes it is amazing we can hardly see the mountains … it looks like a sand storm in the distance.” Thank you DT for the pictures and video (which I enlarged).

Scroll down please: There are two pictures and then the video followed by a quiz question about the size of locust swarms.

Thousands of dots in the sky
The swarm close up – a bit like the milky way!
Video – It took about 3 hours for the swarm to fully pass!

Quiz: How big was one of the biggest swarm of locusts ever?

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Wild Life Quiz: World’s Strongest Animal?

Compared by body weight, what is the world’s strongest animal?

Is it

  • The elephant?
  • The rhino?
  • The lion?
  • The gorilla?
  • The grizzly bear?
  • The Tasmanian devil? or
  • Some other animal?

Get ready for a shock. I saw the world’s strongest animal (compared by body weight) in a game park near Port Elizabeth, South Africa, a few weeks ago. I even took a picture.

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Wild Life Quiz: Fastest Bird?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.

What is the fastest bird?

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