The Caterpillar – let’s Salute it’s Maker

How beautifully made is the caterpillar! Prof. Google tells me there are around 4000 muscles in a caterpillar. The Creator of the caterpillar must be really smart! And us humans? Prof G says we have only about 650 muscles. Click here. To God be the glory.

Picture John Bartels Port Elizabeth May 7, 2022

Golden Cloud’s Villa Jamaica visit 2013

Tap the picture for automatic slide show. The Villa hangs over the sea. At night the sound of the sea whispers you to sleep. The views from the terrace are breathtaking. The sunsets gorgeous. Swimming and snorkelling are right there. It is no wonder Ian Fleming had a property nearby. Enjoy

Sentry Duty in Manley Australia

On guard! Two vigilant sentries on full alert! Almost May 2022.

Thanks to LB in Manley for the photo

Night Falls on the 8th hole – Port Elizabeth Golf Course-South Africa

Which club shall I hit? The green is far left. Watch the water!