RHS Garden Wisley (Part 1)

The RHS Garden Wisley in Surry, England is one of the World’s Great Gardens. In the gardens is a vast glasshouse with three climatic zones. The glasshouse is home to a breath takingly beautiful collection of orchids.

Our good friends in England took us to the gardens last year.

Here are some pictures I took during that inspiring visit.

I don’t know the names of the orchids but perhaps words cannot do justice to their beauty!

Please enjoy the wonder of God’s creation.

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The late Jaroslav Houba – Much loved, highly respected, world famous tennis coach

More posts to follow

Mr Jaoslav Houba


Mr Houba’s successful UCT Tennis team 1966

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“Mr Houba” – Remembered with great appreciation and fondness

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Praise the Lord

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A Hedgehog Sanctuary

One of the three rescued hedgehogs

Three little one year old hedgehogs have been given sanctuary in a beautiful East Sussex garden. They came from an Animal Rescue Center. All three for various reasons, are vulnerable. One of the hedgehogs is blind. Another is partially sighted. They will never survive in the wild.

Below is the beautiful garden which has become their new home. The garden has been made badger proof – important because a badger with its sharp claws could easily kill the tiny hedgehogs, now named Bluebell, Blossom and Buddy.

When they first arrived, the family had to feed them. Now they feed themselves, using no doubt their keen sense of smell. Apparently slugs and beetles are at the top of their menu. Hence they are called “the gardener’s best friend.

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The hedgehog sanctuary
East Sussex

When not in their straw filled box in the garden the three new members of the family can be seen rolling at great speed across the small lawn. Clearly the three are bringing great joy to the kind family.

When I heard of the family’s love for these three vulnerable creatures it reminded me of the words of Emily Dickenson:

“If I can …help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.”


Two Faith Centring Articles

Photo: Thank you Robert Nyman

I honestly believe that reading the two articles below will strengthen the faith of any Christian.

Especially now during the (lets be honest) frightening pandemic.

Remember the saying “it’s where the rubber hits the road”?

The author of the articles, Dr Kathryn Butler, cannot be closer to the “road”. She is a trauma and critical care surgeon turned writer and home schooling mom. Currently she is out of retirement and serving in the ICU of an American Hospital caring for COVID19 patients. She lives north of Boston.

I suggest you read the first article first and then the second article.

The first article is: “If God Doesn’t Heal You” Click

The second article is: “Even in the ICU – Why hope will conquer death” Click

If you find the two articles helpful, please tell others about them.

Keep safe.

Speckled mousebird feeding

This beautiful photo of a speckled mousebird was taken in the garden of a good friend of mine in Port Elizabeth in May 2020.

What a long tail!

As can be seen from the photo, speckled mousebirds love fruit.

Here the mouse bird is enjoying a guava.

Professor Google tells me that mouse birds can be found all the way down Africa from around Ethiopia to South Africa. Read more here.

Is it ok to become disillusioned?

It depends what you mean by “disillusioned.

Let’s start with the word “illusion”. What does it mean?

One if the meanings according to Professor Google is that it is “a false idea or belief”.

Taking this as the definition, it follows that if you are under a an illusion, you believe something which is false.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

For example you may believe that the moon is made of cheese. We can safely say you are under a delusion.

If you go to the moon (compliments of NASA) and find out that the moon is not made of cheese, your false belief is gone. You have been disillusioned. You are no longer deluded.

So, becoming disillusioned is a good thing!

These days people believe plenty of things that are false.

Not good!

Black Sunbird on alert

Beauty in a Port Elizabeth Garden, May 2020

This black sunbird was photographed recently by a good friend in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The bird has been drinking at the bird feeder.

According to Professor Google these beautiful birds can be found mainly in Africa, south of the equator.

The fancy name for the black sunbird is the Amethyst Sunbird.

Have a look at this site to read more about these wonderful little birds. On the site there is also a map showing where the birds can be seen.

A really great picture!

Questioning “probably”

Digging for more information

When a person says that something will probably happen or probably not happen, the statement does not mean much unless the person speaking answers three important questions.

Take for example.

A person says: “Those plants will not grow”.

Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on Pexels.com

First Question: What is the probability of the plants not growing? Is it”low probability”, “medium probability” or “high probability”?

This first question seeks a rough indication of the degree of probability.

The answer might be:'”Low”.

Second Question: Why do you say “low”?

The second question looks for the evidence that led to the degree of probability.

The answer might be: “Low, because you have planted them in a bed that gets sun all day and those plants like the shade.”

Third Question: What evidence would change your mind?

This third question wants useful information on the way forward.

The answer might be: If you replant the plants in a shady part of the garden, they will have a better chance of success.


These three questions can be used any where. It would be useful for a reporter to use them at a news briefing by a politician.

Paw prints under the Golden Gate Bridge

If you go the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco go to the Warming Hut at Crissy Field. Get some coffee and walk along the waters edge towards the base of the Bridge. You will see plenty of joggers, cyclists and many walkers.

You will also see dogs with their owners, all enjoying the walk .

Below is a picture showing you where to walk.

You can walk almost to the end which is at the bottom right of the brown building in the picture.

At this end point is a sign with two hands on it which joggers, cyclists and walkers can touch, turn round and go back..

But, guess what?

The dogs have got their own sign as well to touch before they turn and trot back.

Below is a picture of “Yours truly” fist pumping the dogs sign.

Oh yes, I must say this:

We really love San Francisco. It is so special in many, many different ways.

Thank you San Francisco.