Montagu. An exciting tractor ride. A delicious meal.

Just outside Montagu in the Western Cape you can go up a high mountain. It is amazing. You go in the trailer pulled by a tractor. What a view! At the end of the ride you come down to a magnificent lunch. Have a look at the pictures and you will see why it is a great thing to do. There are 7 pictures.

The tractor and trailer
Just under the summit
What a view!
It is actually over 5,000 feet at the summit
Boiling the water for coffee and tea
A great choice of delicious food for lunch

An Autumn Evening in Port Elizabeth

Two good friends enjoying a walk together at the end of the day. Picture by Mariska Spoormaker taken on the Port Elizabeth Golf Course. On a phone? Please click on picture to see full picture.

Photo: Thank you to Mariska Spoormaker

Etude Improvisation Using Chords

Thank you Chopin for a wonderful melody. It is a huge privilege playing the melody using chords. Thank you for listening.

John – January 2021 during Covid lock-down.