Piano Chord Improvisation – Free Flowing

Do you enjoy playing chorded piano music? Here is a fun thing to do. Try free flowing improvising within a group of chords that go well together. Don’t make up a melody beforehand. Just play and enjoy. Let your hands just play automatically. Here is a fun example staying within C, G7, F, F7, Dm, E7 and Am. Give it a go! Also for fun with the classics, type CDI in the search box.

Franz Schubert’s Serenade – Chord Improvisation

One of the most beautiful melodies ever composed. Thank you Schubert.

Please note: There is a short pause before the music starts.

Improvisation created and played by John Bartels 26 January 2021 during lock down

Etude Improvisation Using Chords

Thank you Chopin for a wonderful melody. It is a huge privilege playing the melody using chords. Thank you for listening.

John – January 2021 during Covid lock-down.