Hartebees Drinking – Mountain Zebra National Park Near Cradock, South Africa. Late October 2021

Thanks again to D&A for an excellent picture.

Lions in the Mountain Zebra National Park near Cradock in South Africa – Late October 2021

Wonderful pictures of lions in a wonderful National Park. Thank you to D&A for the pictures.

Four pictures. Please scroll down.

“Is that dinner I see over there?
“I am relaxing but still watching you!”
“I am on guard watching you as my sister sleeps”
“Some advice for you: Take me seriously!:

More Pictures – Mountain Zebra National Park

The pictures of the Mountain Zebra Park near Cradock in the Eastern Cape in South Africa generated quite a bit of interest, Here are some more pictures taken by other friends recently. I will try and get more pictures that we took a while ago. The Park is a great place to visit. Question: Who have those four naughty junior zebras seen coming? See below.

Yet another stunning view
Waiting while mom has a nap
Four naughty members of the junior soccer team playing truant – who have they seen coming?
Watch out – It is the Secretary to the School Principal!