Piano Chord Improvisation – Free Flowing

Do you enjoy playing chorded piano music? Here is a fun thing to do. Try free flowing improvising within a group of chords that go well together. Don’t make up a melody beforehand. Just play and enjoy. Let your hands just play automatically. Here is a fun example staying within C, G7, F, F7, Dm, E7 and Am. Give it a go! Also for fun with the classics, type CDI in the search box.

Franz Schubert’s Serenade – Chord Improvisation

One of the most beautiful melodies ever composed. Thank you Schubert.

Please note: There is a short pause before the music starts.

Improvisation created and played by John Bartels 26 January 2021 during lock down

The Voice of the Redwoods

Can you hear the joy of the saplings as they grow into magnificent giants?. The sound of the mighty forest is silent thunder. The road invites me to enter this eternal sanctuary. Please join me on the journey. Listen to the silent words as the Redwoods speak to you.

Photo by Melvin Wahlin on Pexels.com