Ver 3 Melody 10 October 2020

I hope you enjoy this melody I composed.

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Thank you.

Tranquillity Baltimore

9 October 2020 No.1

I hope you enjoy this simple melody I have composed Comments welcome.

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Thank you – John Bartels:

Oswego Lake Piano Improvisation

Oswego Finger Lake. What a wonderful place. We were were very fortunate to go there with family last year. The picture was taken at that time. The piano improvisation is how I felt looking at the picture and reliving the memories. This is a musical experiment. “Tread softly because you tread on my dreams”. Thanks!

Comments welcome. I need to learn. Thank you.JOHNBARTELSPIANO

The Voice of the Redwoods

Can you hear the joy of the saplings as they grow into magnificent giants?. The sound of the mighty forest is silent thunder. The road invites me to enter this eternal sanctuary. Please join me on the journey. Listen to the silent words as the Redwoods speak to you.

Photo by Melvin Wahlin on

John Bartels Piano Composition

John Bartels composition 28 August 2020

I hope you enjoy this. Take care during COVID

Thank you.