Beautiful Multi- Coloured Arrows Waiting to Fly

Photo taken at the Archery facility at then YMCA Centre at Lake George NY. Great fun. More photos below.

Arrows in their splendour

Guess what is coming to Lake George.

Acknowledgment of Fall picture:

Hi Groundhog at Lake George

I photographed this groundhog near the forest at Lake George USA today. Prof. Google has lots of interesting facts about them. They hibernate in winter for about 150 days during which time their heartbeat drops from about about 80 to 5 per minute and their breathing from from about both 16 breaths per minute to 2. And, their body temperature drops from about 99F. to 37F. Amazing.

Hacker-Craft Antique Classic Wooden Boats

Today we visited the Hacker-Craft facility in Lake George , USA. Classic and antique wooden power boats are built and restored there. These magnificent boats are living proof that superb workmanship in wood is alive and well at Lake George. Take a look at these four pictures. Listen to the video! They cost around $1 million! Enjoy.

Just listen to her roar! See and listen to the video below. Please turn up the volume!

Black Bass Antiques Shop in Bolton Lake Gorge NY USA

If you go to Bolton don’t miss a visit to this fabulous antique shop. There a great number of very interesting items. This best I can do is to show you some pictures I took of the shop. I hope you enjoy them. There are 15 pictures. Please scroll down. Thanks.

Day 1 Silver Bay Lake George New York State August 2022

Three photos – please scroll down.


We are in the USA!
The YMCA Administration Building
Our Cabin