Roast lamb on a portable gas Cobb

Here is how:

  • Use a portable gas Cobb.
  • Roast the deboned lamb on the Cobb in an oven bag for a short while.
  • Remove the partially roasted lamb.
  • Pour red wine into the moat of the Cobb
  • Place the lamb on the Cobb and complete the roasting.
  • Carve
  • Enjoy

Here are some pictures including a video that tell the story. The video is below.

Roasting with lid on Cobb

A Master Class in “Off the Grid” Cooking

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My name is Indy. I am a German Shepherd. We have just been lucky enough to watch a master class in “off the grid” cooking. It was given to us by two good friends who have cooked this way for years on safari in Southern Africa. The meal was roast deboned lamb with roast potatoes and vegetables.

Here is how they did it,

Please scroll down. There are 9 more pictures below.

A cob is used for cooking. The brickets are heated for about 30 minutes. There is a moat around the brickets. Red wine is poured into the moat. The fumes from the red wine mix with the juices of the lamb as it roasts. The appetising aroma is mouth watering!

The deboned lamb is placed on the grid.

The lid of the cob is put on.

Parboiled potatoes are fried on this gas burner – the potatoes come out gold and crispy. The peas and carrots are boiled in water.

After about 90 minutes – ready to carve.

Carving like a knife through butter.

Ready to dish up, give thanks and start lunch. Look at those potatoes. That is mint jelly in the bottle.

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Below is the product of the Master Class.

Cooked off the grid.

Very impressive and delicious.

“Did I get some of that juicy roast lamb? Yes. I made sure of that!”Indy

Thanks to our friends for a great meal.

PS Our friends pointed out it would have been easy to make gravy by mixing gravy granules with the boiling water in which the vegetables were cooked.