A Huge wave at Morgan Bay on the Wild Coast of South Africa

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Relax! Everyone was safe. This wonderful photo was taken by Garth Yearsley. We recently enjoyed staying at the Morgan Bay Hotel on the Wild Coast. The accommodation and food was surpurb, surpassed only by the friendly atmosphere and warm welcome. Needless to say, the scenery at Morgan Bay is spectacular. Scroll down please. Photo used with permission.

Photo used with permission

Morgan Bay Dawn: Glorious Red and Gold and then the Whispering Waves

South Africa. Another glimpse of paradise. Scroll down for two pictures and a video with sound of the waves whispering welcome to the dawn.

Note: You may have to click the video start button a few times.

The Glory of dawn – Thanks to D for the picture
The dawn tide reveals hidden gold!
Hear the whispering waves welcoming another dawn

A Warm Morgan Bay Hotel Welcome in South Africa

Here is the Dinner Menu which includes evening news and contains a personal welcome to the four of us. And yes, the meal was wonderful as is the view from our room. We are so close to the sea we hear the surf. This post was not solicited! It is just great here. And how about this? That warm welcoming touch was started 50 years ago by Sue Warren-Smith, the mother of the owner. Scroll down for 4 pictures.