Baltimore USA – Sunset over Water – A Message of Hope and Encouragement -November 11, 2021

The message of hope: The sun is setting on the ghastly Covid Pandemic.

The message of encouragement: Jet streams in the evening sky herald the opening up of international travel and the reuniting of families kept apart for too long.

Praise the Lord

Manly Beach Sunset Painted by Six Year Old

To create something simple and beautiful is a gift. Well done our 6 year old grandson in Australia.

Thank you GB – Well done

Owasco Sunset – An Unforgettable Memory

This Owasco sunset is beautiful beyond words. Owasco is one of the Finger Lakes in New York State, in the United States. Our family took us there for a vacation in 2019. The photo was taken from the lakeside beneath the house where we stayed.

Great family memories last for ever.