Barbecue Heist in South Africa – main suspect at large – Post updated

Six pictures. Please scroll down. Thanks to R&L for the photos

Friends of ours are camping at Marakela in the Waterberg. They put some smoked ribs on the fire, and looked forward to a delicious meal – or so they hoped.

The smoked ribs

The smell of the barbecue enticed an ostrich to come and check things out. The ostrich came so close it had to be “shooed” away. Our friends then made their big mistake. They turned their backs on the barbecue. When they looked again the smoked ribs were gone! Below is a picture of the main suspect. The ostrich may have got away with the dinner but Africa gave our friends a glorious sunset in return. Please scroll down.

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The main suspect


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Look who was back the next day checking the barbeque! The main suspect is now “an ostrich of interest” with whom the Barbeque Protection Unit would like to have a chat.

The brazen ostrich

But where is the ostrich. He/she is on the run? Below is a mug shot. If you see the fugitive please alert the BPU.

MUG SHOT of Main suspect – Note the wary look in the eye.

News Flash! See picture below. The Main suspect is back – again!