An amazing event just happened

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What do you think about this?

I will simply relate what happened with no explanation how and why.

Yesterday, 16 May 2020, my wife went to buy something from a pharmacy in Port Elizabeth. When it came to paying, she could not find her credit card in her purse or handbag.

When she got home she told me about the missing card.

We searched everywhere for it. In every corner of her handbag and purse. In every room. In between cushions of where she usually sits. In pockets of clothing. In the car, Everywhere we could think of.

We then worked out when she had last used the card. It was three days before on Wednesday 13 May. She had used it outside at our gate to pay for a food delivery by swiping the card through a portable device.

Perhaps the card had fallen on the ground near the gate? We searched the area around the gate. No card. We phoned the business that had delivered the food. Did they take the card by mistake? No luck.No card.

We checked on the internet to see if the card had been used. It had not. The last entry was the payment for the delivered food. Clearly the card was not being used. We continued looking. The card had to be somewhere.

Then this morning we decided that we had to phone our Bank to report the card as lost. Before doing that I told my wife that I wanted to try something.

I told her that I would hold some of my cards in my hand on a chance that the combined energy of the cards in my hand would somehow sync with the energy of the missing card and lead me to it.

What a crazy idea! But please read on.

So I did just that. With the clump of cards in my hand I felt inclined to search again on the dining room floor using a torch. No card.

I then felt inclined to go onto the front porch and look under our dog’s blanket. No card.

Then, still holding my clump of cards I felt drawn to look at the gate area. I looked all around. I even looked in a pile of pine needles near the gate. No card.

I was about to go back inside when I felt a strong inclination to open the gates and look in the outside driveway.

I opened the electronic security gates and walked through, still firmly holding my clump of cards. I walked a few paces and there on my right in the driveway, next to the wall, was the the missing card.

The search was over.

What happened?

You decide.

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