Howie Gardiner – Fond Memories

Howie Gardiner, the Zimbabwean First Class cricketer died on 19 June 2018. We both went to Christian Brothers College (CBC) in Bulawayo and played together in the first cricket team. We were very good friends. I last saw him in London a few years ago.

One memory about Howie I remember will remain with me for the rest of my life.

It was 1962. Our last school year. We were playing against Gifford Tech. It was the last ball of the day. Gifford Tech were 9 down. Howie was fielding close to the batsman at silly mid off or silly mid on. The bowler ran in and bowled.. The ball hit the batsman on the pads. He was plumb lbw. Up went the appeal. The umpire was CBC’s Brother Thackaberry. His decision was immediate: “Out”.

But we did not win. The decision was reversed. Why?

Because Howie turned round immediately and told us “He snicked it”. Only Howie heard the snick. The batsman was given “not out”. And so the match ended in a draw.

Such was the measure of the man, Howie Gardiner.

Rest In Peace Howie.

“All shall be well, all manner of thing shall be well.”

From your friend

More about Howie

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