Chord Driven Improvisation: Adagio Cantabile – Beethoven

A recording is below

Allow the Masters to inspire your own improvisations.

May I suggest something for all you pianists who play chorded classical melodies. Try improvising within the chord sequences chosen by the great composers. Just let your hands go wherever they want to go. Do not have any preconception of a tune or melody. Just play. Of course there will be mistakes. Stick to the chords and more or less follow the sequence. The chords and the sequences will automatically create new melodies. Such is the inspiration of these wonderful composers. Here is a recording of me trying this with part of Beethoven’s Adagio Cantabile from Pathetique Sonata. The chords includeBb, F7,Gm7.C7,Cm,G, and Dm. My improvisation is not perfect! How can it be! But wow it is fun. No two improvisations will be the same. Just try it with any chorded classical music. The great composers’ choice of chords and their sequence will blow your mind and leave you in awe of their genius. We can only thank them. I hope you find this interesting. Please share this post with other pianists.CDI

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