A theme from Paganini’s 1st Violin Concerto (1st movement) in D transposed into C

I really hope that there is someone out there who may enjoy this and use the score. It is not correctly written. I know this, but please give me some slack – I have had no formal training writing music. Also the only way I could do it was to listen to the music and play it by ear and then write it out. Click the audio and I will play it for you. Score written in 1981. Recording August 30. 2021. Yes, 1981 is long ago but I have been enthralled by music all my life. I am 77.

You may have to click the play button twice. Scroll down as the piano is playing to follow the music. I also realise that my playing does not exactly follow the score. Anyway, here goes. Thank you.

Thank you

John Bartels

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