Is an eyepiece for the iPhone on your wishlist?

I am lucky enough to own an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The camera is truly amazing. The quality of pictures it takes is almost unbelievable. What I do miss though, is a good eye piece especially when the sun is shining on the iPhone screen. Do you iPhone lovers out there have the same challenge?

I am 100% certain those clever people at Apple could make a clip on detachable eyepiece. Why detachable? No need to change the shape of the iPhone.

Some important points:

1. The eyepiece must be hooded to block out sunlight when being used.

2. When attached to the top of the iPhone the camera must not “see” the eyepeice

3. The screen at the back of the eyepiece must be as large as possible.

4. The image on the back of the iPhone must be sent simultaneously by wireless to the screen in the eyepiece.

5. The detachable eye piece must clip gently and softly on the iPhone.

Below is a very amateur sketch explaining what I mean . Please scroll down.

Please comment. Would you use a clip on detachable eyepiece for your iPhone?

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