Ribeye “off the grid” African Bush Cooking Master Class

Another masterclass by our two good friends who have many years experience producing meals “off the grid” in the African Bush (Addo). This time it is cooking ribeye steak using a Cobb gas cooker. No coals to clean up. Instant heat. A mouth watering result!

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Getting the Cobb Gas Cooker ready

Toasting Tramezzini on the griddle

Ribeye steaks ready to cook on the griddle

Ribeye done – The two pieces were sliced to check if the inside was done

Frying red and yellow onions of a separate camping gas cooker

Excellent – cooked in the African bush

Add salads and the “off the grid” meal is ready

Thanks again to our two good and very “bush smart” friends.

Let the African Bush Trumpet with Joy

The African bush in the Addo Elephant Park in South Africa, suddenly became silent. It was the silence of expectation. It was the silence of respect. The elephant family was waiting, tenderly surrounding one of its female elephants. The gift of new life was coming. And then it happened. A baby elephant was born. Let all the African Bush trumpet with joy!

There are 2 pictures. Please scroll down. Thank you.

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How privileged we humans are. We did not see the actual birth but we did see the family cherishing and protecting the new born. The first picture shows the family protecting the baby. But where is the baby elephant? Look to the right of the young elephant. The tiny elephant could not walk properly and was still pink in places.

The last picture is of the baby staying close to what can only be its mother.

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Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have been close to such a joyful occasion in the glory of life,

To God be the Glory

Thanks to our two good friends who made this viewing possible.

A Flower resting in Sparkling Light

How thankful we should be for the gift of the ability to receive joy from a single flower

Praise the Lord

Turning Sea Shells into Flowers

A beautiful flowers arrangement made with sea shells and a dab of green paint. This stunning work of art was created by my good friend’s late mother. It shows what is possible when the beauty of nature meets wonderful creative talent.

A Master Class in “Off the Grid” Cooking

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My name is Indy. I am a German Shepherd. We have just been lucky enough to watch a master class in “off the grid” cooking. It was given to us by two good friends who have cooked this way for years on safari in Southern Africa. The meal was roast deboned lamb with roast potatoes and vegetables.

Here is how they did it,

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A cob is used for cooking. The brickets are heated for about 30 minutes. There is a moat around the brickets. Red wine is poured into the moat. The fumes from the red wine mix with the juices of the lamb as it roasts. The appetising aroma is mouth watering!

The deboned lamb is placed on the grid.

The lid of the cob is put on.

Parboiled potatoes are fried on this gas burner – the potatoes come out gold and crispy. The peas and carrots are boiled in water.

After about 90 minutes – ready to carve.

Carving like a knife through butter.

Ready to dish up, give thanks and start lunch. Look at those potatoes. That is mint jelly in the bottle.

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Below is the product of the Master Class.

Cooked off the grid.

Very impressive and delicious.

“Did I get some of that juicy roast lamb? Yes. I made sure of that!”Indy

Thanks to our friends for a great meal.

PS Our friends pointed out it would have been easy to make gravy by mixing gravy granules with the boiling water in which the vegetables were cooked.

Welcome to my garden in Port Elizabeth

Hi. I am Frederick the Meerkat.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful garden. I hope you enjoy them. The pictures were taken in the late afternoon sunlight. This garden is where friends of John live.

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Thanks for coming to the site.

Speckled mousebird feeding

This beautiful photo of a speckled mousebird was taken in the garden of a good friend of mine in Port Elizabeth in May 2020.

What a long tail!

As can be seen from the photo, speckled mousebirds love fruit.

Here the mouse bird is enjoying a guava.

Professor Google tells me that mouse birds can be found all the way down Africa from around Ethiopia to South Africa. Read more here.

Black Sunbird on alert

Beauty in a Port Elizabeth Garden, May 2020

This black sunbird was photographed recently by a good friend in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The bird has been drinking at the bird feeder.

According to Professor Google these beautiful birds can be found mainly in Africa, south of the equator.

The fancy name for the black sunbird is the Amethyst Sunbird.

Have a look at this site to read more about these wonderful little birds. On the site there is also a map showing where the birds can be seen.

A really great picture!

White eyes social distancing

This picture shows two South African white eyes leading by example by obeying the social distancing rule for white eyes (one inch). They are drinking sugar water. White eyes and their close relatives are small little birds found all over the world.

White eyes social distancing

This picture was taken late this afternoon in Port Elizabeth by a good, long time friend of mine. He is a great lover of wildlife and has gone on safari many times, not only here in South Africa, but also in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

He is going to send me some more pictures of wild life and also some pictures of very interesting places he has visited, often way off the beaten track.

I know we will enjoy them.