Cosmic soup accident

This bird evolved by chance out of the cosmic soup of the universe? Dream on! To God be the Glory.

Thank you to MB for the photo taken in January 2022

A Tribute to Indy, our beloved German Shepherd

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India of Simnikan – “Indy” 2011-2021

I have posted before about our dear Indy who went ahead of us to the Rainbow Bridge on 21 May 2021. When Indy was about 18 months old, in 2012, I made a YouTube video of Indy playing hide and seek with my wife. A few days ago my grandson told me that the video has been viewed over 20K times (actually over 23800 views). I never knew. What a tribute to our faithful friend, companion and protector. Please scroll down. There you will find a link to the YouTube video and a picture of where Indy’s ashes are buried – beneath some white flowers next to the gate where she often lay, guarding us.

Link to the “hide and seek” video: click

Below is where Indy’s ashes are buried

Always faithful – On guard for ever

The Dangers of being too Agreeable

Grave dangers await people who are too agreeable. One danger is that in negotiations they will end up arguing the opponent’s case better than their own. Another danger is that agreeable people may be tempted to pursue “Peace at all costs”. This can end with those agreeable people paying most of the costs. Not a good outcome!

The Sounds of Heaven

5:56 am on 24 December 2017 – Kromme River – South Africa. Please turn up the volume. Best with headphones. Hear the excitement of the birds as they celebrate the Advent Season. Please use headphones.

Praise the Lord for a very special part of His creation.

Indy and the Rainbow Bridge

Our dear Indy. It is my earnest hope she is waiting for us expectantly at the Rainbow Bridge. She passed away this year, 2021.

Hartebees Drinking – Mountain Zebra National Park Near Cradock, South Africa. Late October 2021

Thanks again to D&A for an excellent picture.

Lions in the Mountain Zebra National Park near Cradock in South Africa – Late October 2021

Wonderful pictures of lions in a wonderful National Park. Thank you to D&A for the pictures.

Four pictures. Please scroll down.

“Is that dinner I see over there?
“I am relaxing but still watching you!”
“I am on guard watching you as my sister sleeps”
“Some advice for you: Take me seriously!:

Beauty and the Queen of the Beasts in the Mountain Zebra National Park, near Cradock, South Africa – October 2021

These two pictures were taken in the Park this week. Being in the right place at the right time and being a skilful photographer leads to outstanding photos. Thanks to D&T for the pictures. Enjoy.

Beauty: A soulful eland

The Queen of the Beasts