How to capture a Rock Hyrax (Dassie, Coney, Rock Badger) without injury

Below the article is a picture plus a video explaining by how the trap works and also a video of an unharmed captured dassie. Please scroll down.

Dassies, as cute as they are, can become a tremendous nuisance. We had them in our garage. They got into the engine compartments of our cars. The stench of droppings and urine was nauseating. We tried disinfecting the garage to no avail. And then success! We caught a young Dassie in a trap without injuring the Dassie who will now be set free in the wild far away. Scroll down.

Below is a picture of the trap plus two videos. Please watch to the end. Many thanks to Arnold Slabbert, a well known Port Elizabeth animal lover and protector, without whose help and advice the dassie could not have been captured unharmed.

Please tap the videos once or twice

The trap
How the trap works
The baby dassie in the trap before being set free

Thank you.

These beautiful creatures have many names including; rock hyrax, dassie, rock rabbit, kolstert, procavia carpensis, coney, Al Wabr, shaphan, iMbila, and rock badger.

The Spider’s Christmas Gift – a Beautiful Frozen Web

London 11 December 2022

Thank you to SB for the exquisite picture.

Ducks Debriefing Baltimore

Ducks winter evening debriefing at the reservoir in Baltimore few days ago.

Thanks to AB for the picture


The giant african millipede, Archispirostreptus gigas, is called a “chongololo”or “chongi” in Zimbabwe. Picture taken in Port Elizabeth on 18 October 2022.

Hi Groundhog at Lake George

I photographed this groundhog near the forest at Lake George USA today. Prof. Google has lots of interesting facts about them. They hibernate in winter for about 150 days during which time their heartbeat drops from about about 80 to 5 per minute and their breathing from from about both 16 breaths per minute to 2. And, their body temperature drops from about 99F. to 37F. Amazing.

Danger: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Don’t judge a Statute by a fair sounding name given to it by the body that enacts it. This is because the name of a Statute may be no more than a statement of intent designed to get public approval. The choice of name may be a ploy to conceal a hidden agenda. Don’t be fooled. The name could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Rather judge the Statute by the results it produces. Results are all that count.