Matrix thinking and a warning during COVID19

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The matrix below is offered to help us think about the relationship between Shut Down Options, the Economy and the Health of the Population. The matrix applies to any country. Even seeing where the matrix is wrong and how it can be improved may help. I hope so.

It goes without saying we need a vaccine desperately and also, if possible, a cure.

Our thoughts are with all those suffering during the pandemic.

In the meantime the question is: What is the best way forward for the economy and the health of the population?

Options Matrix


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The only option to save the economy and the health of as many people as possible is to have a limited economic shutdown combined with limited social distancing (strictly enforced), supported by a general population committed to self-enforcement.

Warning: Committed self-enforcement by the general population is vital.

Keep safe.

A huge thank you to all Health and Essential Workers world wide.

Thank you.

Adjectives are Clues


Adjectives describe nouns.

Yes, we learned that long ago!

But did we ever learn, or even realize, that an adjective is also a clue?

It is a clue that gives away the attitude of the user.

For example:

In a battle, the soldiers on both sides fight bravely and refuse to budge.

The TV News anchor says:

“Our troops were resolute; the enemy troops were stubborn.”

On whose side is the TV News Anchor?

Enough said!

Adjectives are clues. They give away plenty about the attitude of the user.

Look carefully at adjectives – they contain clues!

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