Ducks Debriefing Baltimore

Ducks winter evening debriefing at the reservoir in Baltimore few days ago.

Thanks to AB for the picture

Manly, Sydney – Beautiful Serene Unique Special

Scroll down please for video

Words and pictures cannot describe such a wonderful place. Put a visit on your bucket list. Now! And, oh yes – stay overnight and allow.the dusk to silently enthral and bewitch you. What a place … Please press start if necessary Thank you.

Autumn Prelude Colorado 2022

As Autumn’s prelude in Colorado is ending the evening sky sternly warns that Winter is near.

Thanks to LB for the picture

The Sydney to Manly Ferry

Always on time. Comfortable. Fast. Clean. Frequent (every 20 minutes). A pleasure to use.

A standard ferry approaching Manly Wharf
The bigger ferry at sunset

The Big Manly to Sydney Ferry

The big ferry joins the team of smaller ferries on the weekend.

Below is a picture of the big ferry.

Photo John Bartels 4 June 2022