2 thoughts on “Sunset this evening Port Elizabeth Golf Course

    • Hi Barry
      Good to hear from you. I am not playing in competitions but still have a few shots when Pat and I walk on the golf course most evenings.
      Some sad news. Pat’s brother Ashton sadly passed away on 2 April. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in March and died within a month. He grew weak and lost weight rapidly and was gone. Cancer is very, very nasty. Pat is getting over his passing slowly. It has been particularly sad for her as Ashton was her younger brother.
      On 17 May Pat and I are going to Australia for 3 weeks to our son and family. They live in Manley in Sydney. We have never been Australia and are looking forward to the trip.
      What have you been up to? Are you still playing golf? I miss those golfing Saturdays. It was great having Henri’s caps and website. Such a good idea. Do you remember when you holed out from the left hand bunker on the second or when Jack holed out from the fairway bunker on the sixteenth? Happy days
      Thanks for making contact

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