Montague Bird Sanctuary- Leidam

In the centre of the small and beautiful town of Montague, 180 km from Cape Town in South Africa is the Leidam Bird Sanctuary. According to Professor Google, 52 species of birds have been identified there. If you go to Montague don’t miss it. Perhaps the Sacred Ibis is the star. As you can see, I am still feeling my way with iMovie using my iPhone! Enjoy.

Die Hell – Gamkaskloof Swartberg Mountain Range – South Africa

These pictures were taken in “Die Hell”. I have tried to turn the pictures into an animated slide show with voice over using iMovie which comes with my iPhone 12. I am learning by doing. Please enjoy my very amateur first effort. And yes. my advice is only go there with a 4X4. It us really worth the adventurous effort.

Sorry the video goes black at the end. Lots to learn!


The sound of the dawn surf at Morgan Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Gorgeous Morgan Bay at dawn. Enjoy the photo and the watch the video below. How beautiful is the sound of the surf! A truly wonderful place to visit. Please scroll down for the video. Make sure the sound is on. Thank you.

The pictures and video were taken from the balcony outside our hotel room.

The Sounds of Heaven

5:56 am on 24 December 2017 – Kromme River – South Africa. Please turn up the volume. Best with headphones. Hear the excitement of the birds as they celebrate the Advent Season. Please use headphones.

Praise the Lord for a very special part of His creation.

Baltimore USA – Sunset over Water – A Message of Hope and Encouragement -November 11, 2021

The message of hope: The sun is setting on the ghastly Covid Pandemic.

The message of encouragement: Jet streams in the evening sky herald the opening up of international travel and the reuniting of families kept apart for too long.

Praise the Lord

Hartebees Drinking – Mountain Zebra National Park Near Cradock, South Africa. Late October 2021

Thanks again to D&A for an excellent picture.

Lions in the Mountain Zebra National Park near Cradock in South Africa – Late October 2021

Wonderful pictures of lions in a wonderful National Park. Thank you to D&A for the pictures.

Four pictures. Please scroll down.

“Is that dinner I see over there?
“I am relaxing but still watching you!”
“I am on guard watching you as my sister sleeps”
“Some advice for you: Take me seriously!: