The shepherd’s warning about a red sky in the morning

Shepherd wisdom: A red sky in the morning is a shepherd’s warning: A red sky at night is a shepherd’s delight.

The red sky warning came true in London today, 24 January 2021. Look at the two pictures taken in London this morning: A red dawn followed by snow a few hours later!

Video London dawn 24 Jan 2021

Turn the volume up and hear the birds. Video by my daughter in London.

London birds welcome the dawn

The Painted Ladies of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Photo credit: Mariska Spoormaker

The Painted Ladies of Richmond Hill in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. These beautiful Victorian ladies were born in 1897. Gorgeous San Francisco has a rival!

Beautiful Stormsriver Mouth

Stormsriver Mouth is in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. I first visited it decades ago. This picture was taken recently by friends of ours. It remains as beautiful as ever.

Birds wearing their coats “of many colours”

Good friends of ours have just been to the Birds of Eden Free Flight Sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay in South Africa where they took these great pictures. Aren’t the colours amazing! “Joseph, don’t be too envious!”

A thought: To think that these beautiful birds are a result of (Time+Chance+Cosmic Soup) is laughable! So, where did these gorgeous birds come from? Look below the last picture.

Please scroll down. There are six pictures. Thank you.

Praise the Lord of all creation for the gift of these beautiful birds.

Bird Migration tonight in the United States. Lord of all creation we salute You.

4.1 million birds are forecast to pass over Maryland tonight! 14 September 2020. Link.

Photo by Somya Dinkar on

To God be the Glory

Beautiful Photograph of Pre-Covid Paris (Leica on film)

This stunningly beautiful photograph of Paris was taken by my son Stephen. He kindly gave me permission to put the picture on this post. The scene is Paris pre-Covid. Hopefully it will not be long before Paris and all of us return to normal. Enjoy the picture. Keep safe.

Copyright Stephen Bartels – Used with permission