A Recreational Submarine? Fact or Fiction?

It is fact! 100% true! Good friends of ours have very recently enjoyed a dive in a recreational submarine in the Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt. They clearly had a fabulous experience. Here are a three pictures they took.

All aboard!
What would Jules Verne.say?
Astounding views

What an adventure. The amazing experience will have created memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to A & D for the photos.

Springbrook National Park Australia – A Water and Tree Wonderland

The Springbrook National Park in the Australian Gold Coast hinterland is a wonderful place to hike. There are many beautiful streams, waterfalls and magnificent trees. Thank you to CM who was there in September 2022 and took the stunning pictures.

20 pictures – please scroll down. Have your “bucket list “ ready!

Woody Cape’s Visual Paean

Woody Cape is in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. What an inspiring picture! Thank you CM.

Thanks to CM for the wonderful picture

Lake Tahoe Flowers

Beautiful flowers in Lake Tahoe, California. Please scroll down below the picture and click to start the video

Please click to start

Manly, Sydney – Beautiful Serene Unique Special

Scroll down please for video

Words and pictures cannot describe such a wonderful place. Put a visit on your bucket list. Now! And, oh yes – stay overnight and allow.the dusk to silently enthral and bewitch you. What a place … Please press start if necessary Thank you.

Autumn Prelude Colorado 2022

As Autumn’s prelude in Colorado is ending the evening sky sternly warns that Winter is near.

Thanks to LB for the picture

Bald Rock and nearby forest area in NSW Australia

Please scroll down. Thank you.

Enjoy these photos taken this year Prof. CMcC. Bald Rock is 200 metres above the surrounding area and is about 750m long and 500m wide. The summit is 1277m. From the top the views are amazing.

The nearest town is Tenterfield, 27 km to the south.

There are 12 p ictures. More than for a usual blog but I don’t want you to miss the pictures. What an awe inspiring place. Please scroll down.

The vast Bald Rock


Boulders and rocks in the beautiful surrounding forest

Thank you again Prof. CMcC

Tranquility in an Australian National Park

This tranquil pool is in the Springbrook National‘Park in the Gold Coast hinterland of Australia. Please scroll down for full picture.

Photo: Prof. Cedric McCleland – Printed with permission