Ducks Debriefing Baltimore

Ducks winter evening debriefing at the reservoir in Baltimore few days ago.

Thanks to AB for the picture

Tesla Magic in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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Q: How long does it take for you to understand that Tesla is a massive success?

A: One minute at the Tesla dealership in Baltimore will convince you.

I went there today. It was mind blowing. Over 100 Teslas parked there. 45 deliveries to buyers each day. Enough said! No stock. High demand. And this is just Baltimore! No wonder the internet says 2nd Quarter sales were over a quarter million. Here are some photos I took today. Amazing.

Flying Birds in Baltimore (USA) and Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

At the airport in Baltimore in the USA there are beautiful statues of birds flying in formation. In Port Elizabeth in the Walmer Park Shopping Mall, next to the main lift, there are similar displays of flying birds. Also beautiful.

Flying birds display, Walmer Park Shopping Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. April 30, 2022.

John Bartels

The Change of Seasons In Baltimore – Fly Fishing

Late March fly fishing in the Gunpowder river near Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Spring is slowly showing herself. And yet, snow is expected. The change of seasons is full of surprises!