Tesla Magic in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Please scroll down for photos.

Q: How long does it take for you to understand that Tesla is a massive success?

A: One minute at the Tesla dealership in Baltimore will convince you.

I went there today. It was mind blowing. Over 100 Teslas parked there. 45 deliveries to buyers each day. Enough said! No stock. High demand. And this is just Baltimore! No wonder the internet says 2nd Quarter sales were over a quarter million. Here are some photos I took today. Amazing.

One thought on “Tesla Magic in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

  1. A lot of Teslas being sold in Oz. Michelle and Bo each bought one a few months ago. When they leave our driveway after visiting us, we wait for the sound of an engine but they pull away without a sound. Amazing acceleration from a standstill.

    What do they sell for in the US (base model and Model 3)? I will have to win the Lotto to afford one in WA. There’s also a long waiting list here.

    Have you been to England yet or is that on your way back?

    Love to all In Baltimore.

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    John Clayton


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