More Stars from the Kruger National Park, South Africa – August 2021

Our friends continue to send us pictures from Kruger, where they are visiting at the moment. The opening star is the Impala Lily. Isn’t that colour splendid? Next follow 7 pictures of animal stars. Who says you don’t see lions close up?

Please scroll down. Thank you T&D for the pictures.

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Impala Lily in the Kruger Park
“Did you hear that noise?”
“I am surprised you saw me!”
Casanova showing off!
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Stick together everyone! Water holes can be dangerous.
Kruger beauty!
Bath time
Where is the “DISTURB AT YOUR PERIL” sign?

Kruger National Park August 2021

Good friends are visiting Kruger this week. They have seen plenty of game including a leopard. They are having a great time. Here are some of the pictures they have WhatsApped to me. Enjoy!

Six pictures, starting with a picture they took of two baboons in a tree!

Scroll down please.

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!
Snooze time! Its been 35 degrees!
Mother never sleeps.
I am ok. All of you drink first!
Take your time. I don’t mind waiting!
Armed and dangerous (ask any baboon).

PS The Baboons were not in a tree above the lions! If they were, that is what they would be thinking!

Lion and Hyena Jaw Strength

Between a lion and a hyena, which has the strongest jaw strength measured in pounds per square inch (psi)?

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Canned Lion Hunting: A Shameful disgrace

“Asking tough questions does not stop in tough times.”

Photo by Gary Whyte on

According to a Guardian article on the internet:

“Canned hunting is a fast growing business in South Africa where thousands of lions are being bred on farms to be shot by wealthy trophy hunters”

I repeat:

“Asking tough questions does not stop in tough times.”


  • Is the article a genuine Guardian article? There is no reason to believe it is not genuine.
  • Is the article true? There is no reason not to believe the article as the Guardian is a very well respected news source.
  • If true, why is canned hunting allowed?
  • If true, why has it not been stopped?
  • Where is it happening?
  • Is it happening in other countries?
  • Does it not contravene animal anti-cruelty legislation?
  • Who is responsible to stop it?
  • Are lions the only animals killed this way?
  • Has a “follow the money” investigation been done?
  • Does your Member of Parliament have a strong view on the killing of captive lions? You don’t know? Ask him or her.

I repeat:

Canned lion hunting is a shameful disgrace.

It should be stopped. Internationally.

Photo by Marcus Herzberg on

Go to Google. Put in words like : canned, lion.

Also put in the words: Cook report lions

“Asking tough questions does not stop in tough times.”