Canned Lion Hunting: A Shameful disgrace

“Asking tough questions does not stop in tough times.”

Photo by Gary Whyte on

According to a Guardian article on the internet:

“Canned hunting is a fast growing business in South Africa where thousands of lions are being bred on farms to be shot by wealthy trophy hunters”

I repeat:

“Asking tough questions does not stop in tough times.”


  • Is the article a genuine Guardian article? There is no reason to believe it is not genuine.
  • Is the article true? There is no reason not to believe the article as the Guardian is a very well respected news source.
  • If true, why is canned hunting allowed?
  • If true, why has it not been stopped?
  • Where is it happening?
  • Is it happening in other countries?
  • Does it not contravene animal anti-cruelty legislation?
  • Who is responsible to stop it?
  • Are lions the only animals killed this way?
  • Has a “follow the money” investigation been done?
  • Does your Member of Parliament have a strong view on the killing of captive lions? You don’t know? Ask him or her.

I repeat:

Canned lion hunting is a shameful disgrace.

It should be stopped. Internationally.

Photo by Marcus Herzberg on

Go to Google. Put in words like : canned, lion.

Also put in the words: Cook report lions

“Asking tough questions does not stop in tough times.”

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