Theology: A Very Sensible Box

Do we trust God and at the same time have many unanswered questions about Him and how He works? Leslie Weatherhead offers us some very sensible advice: Leave those questions in a box marked: “Awaiting Further Light.”

Sensible advice indeed, for “now we see through a glass darkly….” (1 Cor. 13,12)

The late Leslie D Weatherhead C.B.E. M. A. PhD. D. Litt. D. D. was Minister at the City Temple, London. He was President of the Methodist Conference and Hon. Chaplain to Her late Majesty’s Forces .He is the author of many books including “The Christian Agnostic”, where the above advise is recorded.

What should follow Prayer?

Lozenzo Scupoli suggests that after praying and seeking God’s will, we should, with full dependence on God, labor more diligently to become worthy of receiving what we pray for. This means that the work of prayer should be followed by us applying all our strength to obtain what we pray for. If we fail to work hard and just sit back after praying, we are testing God, not praying.

Just something to think about ….Comments would be helpful.

Reflections on reading an expanded version “Unseen Warfare: The Spiritual Combat and Path to Paradise” by Lorenzo Scupoli (1530-1610).

A three word prayer that immediately deepens our awareness of God’s presence.

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We can use this prayer at any time.

Do we realise that each and every blessing we have comes from God? This includes every breath we take. This also includes the air itself. Without the ability to breathe, we die. It is as simple as that. So, every moment we live it is by the grace of God. Life is God’s gift to us.

The prayer

We should sit quietly and think about God’s gift of breathing and His gift to us of life.


Every time we breathe in, we pray “Thank you Lord”.


Every time we breathe out, we pray “Thank you Lord”.

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Soon we will become more aware of God’s presence and of the other countless blessings which He has given us and which we so easily overlook.

Praise You Lord for the gift of life and for always being close to us.

Source: The suggestion is based on a short extract from a book sent to me recently by a friend.