A Hedgehog Sanctuary

One of the three rescued hedgehogs

Three little one year old hedgehogs have been given sanctuary in a beautiful East Sussex garden. They came from an Animal Rescue Center. All three for various reasons, are vulnerable. One of the hedgehogs is blind. Another is partially sighted. They will never survive in the wild.

Below is the beautiful garden which has become their new home. The garden has been made badger proof – important because a badger with its sharp claws could easily kill the tiny hedgehogs, now named Bluebell, Blossom and Buddy.

When they first arrived, the family had to feed them. Now they feed themselves, using no doubt their keen sense of smell. Apparently slugs and beetles are at the top of their menu. Hence they are called “the gardener’s best friend.

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The hedgehog sanctuary
East Sussex

When not in their straw filled box in the garden the three new members of the family can be seen rolling at great speed across the small lawn. Clearly the three are bringing great joy to the kind family.

When I heard of the family’s love for these three vulnerable creatures it reminded me of the words of Emily Dickenson:

“If I can …help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.”


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