Using “Page Break” in WordPress Block

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“Page Break” is a really useful function for long WP articles. It allows you to create linked pages in your post. No more scrolling.

Try this. Bear in mind I am a “newbie” to WordPress. I have become immediate fan of Block editing.

Here goes (On desktop with Windows 10 using a mouse):

I suggest you copy, paste and print the list and have it next to you when you test run on your WP site. It’s actually very easy!

  • Open your WP site.
  • Left click Write.
  • For Add title type TEST.
  • Left click + (plus).
  • Left click “Paragraph”.
  • Type a paragraph of anything – about 3 lines long. Length does not matter but make it look like a paragraph.
  • Press Enter.
  • Another + (plus) comes up.
  • Left click on the + (plus.)
  • Left click on Page Break.
  • The page break appears.
  • Left click to get + (plus).
  • Left click on Paragraph.
  • Type another paragraph of junk – about 3 lines.Length does not matter but make it look like a paragraph.
  • Left click Save Draft.
  • Left click Preview.
  • Be amazed! Up comes the first page. At the bottom left is “1 2”. This is the page linking. Left click on 2 and you jump to the second page. And there at the bottom left of page 2 is the link back to page 1.
  • Obviously great for long articles.
  • Thank you WordPress!


Keep safe.

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