Crab saved on the golf course

Picture John Bartels

While exercising our German Shepherd on a local golf course late this afternoon we came upon this large crab. You can see how big the crab was by comparing it with the golf cap (yes it is a Master’s cap. Bought on the Wednesday practice day).

Now, back to the crab! It was on a fairway between two small dams/water hazards. Not a safe place for the crab. Plenty of other dogs around. At least 70 meters to the safety of the nearest dam.

The crab became quite defensive when it realized I had taken an interest in it. Stood up! Waved its pincers at me. “Watch it, you with the iPhone!”

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Picture John Bartels

Good luck was on the side of the crab. A fellow dog walker who is a nature lover then arrived. She was kind enough to take off her jacket and use it to pick up the crab. She took it to the nearer of the two small dams where it was released. Away from danger at last! The crab scuttled off and hid among some rocks about 2 paces from the water.”You can’t get me now!”

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