Family together for Church Service although 13000 km Apart

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

Praise God for giving people the intelligence to create internet apps that enable families to worship together even though they are far apart.

This morning, my wife and I, together with my daughter, worshiped together during the 11 am Eucharist Service held at St. Matthew’s Church, Wimbledon, London.

But here’s the thing. We were over 13 000 km apart!

  • My wife and I were in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • My daughter was in London, social distancing.
  • As I said, St. Matthew’s is in London.

On the computer screen, in small squares, we could simultaneously see the Celebrant and all members of the congregation “attending” the service via their individual computers. The whole service was live, including sound..

This was all possible using Zoom.

Praise the Lord

Have a look at St. Matthew’s Church, Wimbledon, London.

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