Beautiful flowers and trees from the land of the Kookaburra (Part 2)

“It is not fair calling Australia “the land of the Kookaburra”. What a cheek! I am a beautiful swamp hen. I also live in Australia. And look at the fantastic way that I walk. Eat your heart out, Kookaburra!”😊

“OK, now I have got that off my chest, look below at these four pictures from the land of the Swamp Hen.” Please scroll down



Kangaroo Paws



More Kangaroo Paws



Wild Wattle



“I am still waiting for a turn to show you some pictures. I am also from Australia, you know!”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is b67dbbee-5e5e-4b0d-b31b-fdb7b7341c65.jpg

Thanks again to our friends in Australia for the pictures

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