Zeiss U-Boat Binoculars 7×50

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Photo: John Bartels

I own this pair of Zeiss U-Boat binoculars made in Jena in 1942. They are fixed focus 7X50. I had them serviced in England a few years ago. They are now bright and razor sharp. People looking through them the first time just say “Wow!”

They are magnificent for scanning the sea. Also, they are very useful for game viewing on safari. If you are looking at a lion 50 meters away and a buck moves 200 meters beyond the lion you immediately notice the buck, which is also razor sharp. No time wasted!

Using the binoculars to watch cricket is wonderful. From the grandstand looking down the wicket you can see the batsman and all the slips, all at once. Most enjoyable.

Twenty five years ago I sent pictures of the binoculars to Zeiss. In return Zeiss very kindly sent me an article all about the binoculars. Please scroll down for the article. The article is in two pictures.

I hope anyone interested in binoculars finds this post interesting. Thank you.

Extract from article. Please scroll down (two pictures)

Full Article below – Please scroll down.

Thank you.

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