A Tribute to Indy, our beloved German Shepherd

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India of Simnikan – “Indy” 2011-2021

I have posted before about our dear Indy who went ahead of us to the Rainbow Bridge on 21 May 2021. When Indy was about 18 months old, in 2012, I made a YouTube video of Indy playing hide and seek with my wife. A few days ago my grandson told me that the video has been viewed over 20K times (actually over 23800 views). I never knew. What a tribute to our faithful friend, companion and protector. Please scroll down. There you will find a link to the YouTube video and a picture of where Indy’s ashes are buried – beneath some white flowers next to the gate where she often lay, guarding us.

Link to the “hide and seek” video: click

Below is where Indy’s ashes are buried

Always faithful – On guard for ever

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Indy, our beloved German Shepherd

  1. Hi John

    Great video

    We have had some wonderful dogs and miss them all. Pity their lives are relatively short but, on the other hand, we would not have had the privilege of experiencing so many special dogs, each with their own unique character, if they lived longer. I can see that Indy has a special place in your heart.

    Your video was linked (I think) to a promotional video about Heal-n-Soothe. I don’t often watch these videos but this one looked interesting, so I listened to it and then bought a bottle to see if it works – I am tired of taking painkillers which don’t seem to work anymore.

    I see you tried to call me at 10:30 pm on my birthday. My phone is set to not ring after 10 pm, so I didn’t hear it ring and only saw the missed call later. I will see if I can get hold of you now.



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