Paw prints under the Golden Gate Bridge

If you go the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco go to the Warming Hut at Crissy Field. Get some coffee and walk along the waters edge towards the base of the Bridge. You will see plenty of joggers, cyclists and many walkers.

You will also see dogs with their owners, all enjoying the walk .

Below is a picture showing you where to walk.

You can walk almost to the end which is at the bottom right of the brown building in the picture.

At this end point is a sign with two hands on it which joggers, cyclists and walkers can touch, turn round and go back..

But, guess what?

The dogs have got their own sign as well to touch before they turn and trot back.

Below is a picture of “Yours truly” fist pumping the dogs sign.

Oh yes, I must say this:

We really love San Francisco. It is so special in many, many different ways.

Thank you San Francisco.


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