Inconvenient Truth vs Comfortable truth diagram

When choosing between Inconvenient Truth and Comfortable truth the choice is up to each of us.

Consider this diagram and read the explanation below the diagram.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0953.jpg
  • Most people have decided in advance what they will decide (Person already running right).
  • Following “Comfortable truth” is dangerous (Red).
  • People following “Comfortable truth” may not have the courage (yellow) to face up to “Inconvenient Truth”.
  • “Comfortable truth” is “truth” not fully investigated (lower case “t”)
  • Following “Inconvenient Truth” in the long run leads to positive growth (Green).
  • Well researched truth is “Truth” (Upper case “T”)
  • Relatively few people have the courage to follow “Inconvenient Truth”.

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