The gift of being able to appreciate our beautiful world

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Bug Sur Photo John Bartels

Consider the beautiful world in which we live: the giant red woods in California, the misty Bug Sir coastline south of San Francisco, the surging ocean below the Golden Gate Bridge, the distant snow seen from Lake Tahoe during summer, a tranquil sunset over one of the Finger Lakes, the vastness of the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon, the endless expanse of the desert in Nevada, the calm and beauty of flowers in the Cotswolds, walks in the English country side, the stillness the Matopo bush in Zimbabwe, the calm sea at a small deserted bay in Corfu that brought to life Greek mythology, the smoking thunder of the Victoria Falls, the view from Table Mountain at sunset, the bush in Southern Africa which silently watches you, warning you that you are not alone ….

What a wonderful world.

My wife and I are so grateful that we have been able to experience all this.

How grateful we both are that God has created us with the ability to enjoy His creation so much.

Praise the Lord

The insight that God has not only created our beautiful world but also created in us the ability to appreciate it, came from reading “What are we doing here?” by Marilynne Robinson, the Pulitzer Prize winning author.

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